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By far the worst blackjack Ive ever played. Dealer somehows always gets the better score. Always.........Not any fun


When the dealer supposedly has a blackjack, he never shows his hole card. You must take his word for it. I complained, but received no reply.

Clearly Rigged.

5 card 21s from the dealer like its going out of style I even took a screen shot of a 6 card 21. 95% of the time dealer is showing a face card they get a 20. Its fun to play but definitely designed to rip you off.

Super real blackjack

Its a best blackjack ever!


Love the casino feel to it

Game rigged to get you to purchase chips

After the last update playing my same game that increased my total to over $120k dealer always seemed to managed to win the hands. Went down over $100k in less than 30 minutes. Before updated it played you could win your fair share of the hands

Great app

Great animation best app for blackjack!

Best Blackjack

This is the best alternative to real blackjack, you get to play with real people and the visuals are sharp. I would argue the game looks better than real life.

Best blackjack

Best black jack game on the app store


Great looking game and a lot of fun

Not for true players

The "other players" split 10s, double on 10-6s, and otherwise dont seem to know the rules of the game. A good app if you want to play cards; not a good app if you want to play blackjack.

Rigged...has to be.

Theres no way I lose this much in real BJ...heres the dealers hands for the last time I played, I lost 14 hands in a row!!! It was so bad I wrote them down they are as followed: 20-20-19-17-20-21-20-21-19-21-18-20-20-21 THERES NO WAY THAT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE. NOT ONE BUST. And these werent all two card hands, she made 20 and 21 dealing out 4-5-6 cards to herself. BS!

Closest thing to real

Great game. Just like real blackjack, there is the occasional idiot at the table who hits a 17 when dealer is showing a 6. "Leave table" is a great option.

Great graphics

Great graphics but pace of play is very slow.

Must Have

Great way to pass time and play

Good game

Almost realistic but still has its common nature considering that youre playing a computer. Otherwise its a good game.

Blackjack 21

It was awesome and I love to challenge this game...


Dealer doesnt show blackjack when the dealer is showing a 10 and you have an 11, so when you double down and gives you 21, the dealer shows blackjack and takes the bet and the double down. Not a game I would recommend playing for practice. If you buy anything off this game you need help.


This game is fun. However, the win ratio is heavily favored for the dealer. Not realistic at all!!

Horrible dealer wins way more then often

This game is just really unfair the dealer wins way more than normal its really bad game cant stand it

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